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Shipping & Taxes

Orders will typically be shipped one to two business days after payment has been confirmed. Orders are shipped with standard basic insurance offered by the courier (usually up to $100); if you would like to add additional insurance on your order, please notify us prior to shipping.

Please see below for approximate shipping times. 

Ontario: 1-2 business days

Quebec: 1-3 business days

Manitoba: 2-3 business days

Alberta: 3-4 business days

Saskatchewan: 3-4 business days

British Columbia: 3-4 business days

Atlantic Provinces: 3-4 business days


1 day, 2 day, weekend delivery, same-day courier, and other express shipping options are also available - please contact us with your order and required delivery time for a quote. 



Shipments within Ontario are subject to 13% HST

Shipments to all Atlantic provinces are subject to 15% HST

Shipments to all other provinces are subject to 5% GST

The taxes are automatically calculated when you enter your shipping address.