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ATSA Everyday® Backpack

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The ATSA Everyday® Esk8 backpack lets you carry your manual or Electric Skateboard (Esk8) together with all your daily work and tech gear! Unlike most other Esk8 backpacks out there, ours is designed to be weatherproof with a high-tech tarp-like rubberised material for the main construction. We also use weather-resistant zippers to further limit water ingress.

ATSA Everyday® Backpack Esk8 Edition is designed by Esk8 riders for Esk8 riders. We researched for a long time on the human ergonomics of carrying an Esk8. We really think you’ll agree that this is the most comfortable Esk8 Everyday Carry (EDC) backpack in the market. Our carry system is an open system that will work with most Esk8 boards out there. We tested it with Esk8 boards of different sizes - from a smaller Boosted Mini X, to a midsize (both urethane and AT) Boosted v2, Backfire Ranger, Evolve GTX, etc. to heavy full-size boards such as the Bioboards, Lacroix Prototipo and Kaly NYC 2.0. 

Our backpack has clever storage solutions for skate tools, remote controller, charger, shades, water bottle, tripod (full size), helmet (up to full-face), a change of clothes/shoes and a selfie stick so you can film your rides hands-free. We even designed a reinforced area for your spare battery pack (up to the size of Boosted extended range battery pack).

But we didn’t stop there. The ATSA Everyday® Esk8 backpack is first and foremost an EDC backpack. We are talking about cable management and storage solutions for all your tech and daily carry. You can carry your laptop (up to 17”), tablet (up to 13”) in the detachable laptop sleeve, cables, wallet, keys, and there is even an RFID-blocking compartment to protect against data theft. This is the perfect EDC backpack to bring to work everyday, whether or not you have your Esk8 board with you.   

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